Life is about balance. Balance between two contrary forces, for a formation of a complete unit. It shows how two seemingly different things are interconnected. How one may give rise to another, as they interrelate to each other. And how one cannot exists without the presence of the other.

For instance, Tell me if your struggle don’t makes you happy, after your success.

Tell me if your bad habits don’t makes you happy, when you proclaim you abandoned them.

Tell me if your losses don’t makes you happy, when you celebrate your wins. Tell me if the friend who backed off don’t makes you happy, when you look at that one who never leaves your side.

Tell me if the guy/girl who betrayed you don’t makes you happy, when you see the right one now.

Tell me if the bad version of you don’t makes you happy, when you boast about the better one.//

Good is nothing without bad.

Light is nothing without darkness.

Order is nothing without disorder.

Happiness is nothing without sadness. Success is nothing without failures.

Winning is nothing without losing.

Excitement is nothing without boredom.

Peace is nothing without violence.

Silence is nothing without anger.

You could feel the energy of one force only when you have felt the other one. You like one and despise the other, is only because you went through both of them.

You understand the principle of opposites only when you are well acquainted with them equally.

So remember, to maintain the balance. Only then you’ll have the ability to work on the proportions of your available options. Which forces are to be chosen will then be your choice. Which one is to be held and which one is to be loosened, will be your decision. Some will form you others will break you. The power of your formation and destruction lies within you.

Just, keep it neutral.



There are people who makes you believe in something factual,

And your past makes you want to feel the allegiance, for it’s unusual.

In the emerging likeness, words means action to you and action means efforts to you,

You drown yourself in their life and prioritise them against the few.

You commence to change your code of conduct you followed for years,

For they create a color full imprint on the bucket full of, black and white fears.

Their presence is like a new born life, in your dramatic delivery,

And their absence, makes your heart ache with a muddle of misery.

You initiate to conceive the quotes of ‘ forget and forgive’.

For all their mistakes, are like tears in the darkness, for you to resist.

For every old scar, they give you a new one, and that’s okay,

Because for all these new ones, you feel it’s worth, to make them stay.

You yen to talk to them, for their voice brings a curve on your face,

You talk about them, to sense they endure in your every phase.

You talk to yourself, to right their wrongs in your head ,

Because losing them will be an agony, alike of the dead.

You become selfless towards your self, to be selfish for their merriment,

You deny all the aches to your heart, to be their only permanent.

And in the course of time, they want their ignorance to be understood,

And you try to exceed your limits, for they cannot be misunderstood.

All the decisions regarding them are made with a calm mind,

Because composure in a storm, measures the sanity of your bond.


But then they presuppose, your presence would be certain,

And so they engage their time? that doesn’t includes you, as their main.

A promising future, is what they offer for their everyday events,

They forget, that not working on the present, creates all the incorrigible dents.

Your muscles cry every day and your soul doesn’t remain straight,

You hope that your absence tease them,to make them realise the fate.

But one day you stop thinking about what you had or ever will have,

That day, you decide to give them what never asked for but did behave.

And then you close yourself for all the zest ,

Aspiring and counting that you’ll pass for the future test.🌼

Maybe, maybe not.

There are times when you have a real fight with the reality,

When the situations and the person share equal blames.

All the promises that meant something,

Suddenly seemed to become so blur.

When your senses back off to endeavour,

And all you fancy to do is switch sweat into tranquility.

All the amity posts try to mock your heart,

And your vague words are just ready to depart.

It’s the time when you swipe through the memories,

And then you wish for the shooting stars to listen to your ache.

Nights when the intensity of your feelings get high,

When you decide an extent of living the scars.

Times when breathing seems like a deadweight,

And the persuasion pulls back, breaking your inner self so hard.

Apparently your ego tears itself apart,

And you search ways to force the universe in your regard.

Ups and downs of the days are at the bottom,

And Highs and lows of life are at it’s lowest.

You quest for happiness in your circumferential beings,

But nothing really feels like home.

And then you wonder if pain is worse or it’s worth for more?

And then maybe you’ll stay for yet another heartbreak, that never occurs.☘️

Voyage of life

You travel everyday, don’t you?

Migrating from one place to another, shifting from one emotion to another, drifting from one relationship to the next one.


You get tired of brawling but you know that the struggle will be fruitful and hence, you move forward. Sometimes, you aren’t sure of your destination and sometimes you are, but in either case you follow a path to reach somewhere, someday.


Your life is like a zigzag, a puzzle to be solved every day. It isn’t the wanderlust, it’s the way of living and surviving. You push yourself in different directions to reach a conclusive destination.⚓️


You Apply the concept of yin yang in your realistic reality. 

Packing the bad experiences, unraveling the good ones, certainly forming a zone of learnings. 

Departing from the superfluous places, arriving at the wanted ones, and consistently boarding for the indispensable voyage.

Masking the past in the zip lock of your pockets, revealing the present to be focused upon, henceforth devising a firm future lately.

In this process of traveling you inherit wounds and scars, that will remind you of your journey in your late 80’s and that will be the moment, your possessions would help you realise your healing process.


Ever stopped and wondered why you have been going through the obstacles?

Or why you have been accelerating yourself so much?

Or why is it necessary to travel even after fatigue?

Or why is it mandatory to be in motion.

Perhaps, because haphazardly life happened to you and you chose your existence in this era.

You are indeed obliged to do justice to your birth.⏳

PWR of inspiration 

Inspiration is mere self driven motivation that puts thoughts in motion.🌻

You need references to execute life and surroundings are categorised amongst them. You see around, you form an opinion, you make a choice and then you choose this choice over and over again//

This consistency becomes constant and acts as an anchor to yourself.

You develop a sense of sensibility based on the viscosity of your selective thoughts. You actualise your observations and commercialise your analytical ability.🍁


All your doubts gets crystal legit , technically, apparently and gradually.

You get obsessed and then you struggle to either imitate it or learn from it//

It’s vision becomes your drug and it’s regularity gets you high.

Your brains work to storm it, your thoughts progress eventually and you feel the reality//

You acknowledge it and then you get nuts about it. You make time for it and then it becomes your routine.🐾


A time comes when you stop dreaming about it and you activate it in your present. Your preference gets preferable for you. The randomness of your decision starts absconding and it becomes particular.

Bit by bit you extract to attain something meaningful out of it. You understand it’s utility and then you inherit it//

You get it inked on your body, probably on your minds, maybe on your soul, Sometimes on your heart, at times on your nerves and perhaps on your arteries and veins.


The solidity of conclusions merely matters, because you are already amazed at its proceedings and the ways in which it aided you.


That’s the power of inspiration,It works for you. 🌼




Move on.

For all your heartbreaks.🌷

You get a chance to move on, to hunt for your romeo/juliet, only if you were loyal towards your heart.Love is an emotion not a numeric definition. 

You might have heard ‘Love happens only once’, oh!

It does but to get to that equation you go through many rendezvous.


If you find your perfect one in one go, your conscience should be credited more than your destiny.

But leaving many and hugging another one doesn’t permit them to certify your character.


Maybe you loved your past but your past failed.

Maybe You gave your everything but didn’t acquire the same .

Maybe you didn’t match up to their way of loving.

Maybes may give you many reasons, but just one is enough to realise that compromising is never an option it’s a choice.


You cherished each one of them but the reason behind ‘many’ was you didn’t receive your amity dose.

Don’t settle for less not even in finding the justifiable pair.

Choose affection everyday.

Choose to move on until your needs don’t search for another one. 


Modified family aka friends 

You have a name named by your folks from birth, 

But they made you doubt that, with pseudo names so misleadingly worth.

You captured thousands of memories and moments in life,

They made it worthwhile to backup and store them live.

Old days were crazy and goofy, new ones are ficklish and sassy,

Because with them you could bargain for thrill and be messy.

When those gloomy clouds came by,

None of them but they stood thy.

When tears and fears swirled around,

They played with them to swung them out.

When you cornered yourself with sadness,

They circled the smiles of your happiness.

When hunger stroked your stomach so hard,

They cooked, baked and stole to end your starve.

At times, you messed your head and heart,

They were the ones to drift and sort your arts.

Oh! Those disloyal relationships that broke you from inside 

They doored your inner belongings and cheered till you sighed.

Everytime when even your pieces shattered to break,

They brought them together, and clustered for your sake.

Creasing your good habits, straightening the bad ones,

You owe an incessant debt for all those and other puns.

Remember the last piece of pizza, you fought for,

They are the ones you could kick asses and declare war.

There is always a first time when happenings happen,

They are the ones to be credited for influencing each one.

They couldn’t be listed in the priority list,

Because they are a compulsion for you amongst the mist.

Neither they can be defined, nor they can be justified,

They are your friends, the family you created and modified.🌷




I assume why?

You chose a wrong career option?                                                                                                 You regret.

You chose a wrong relationship?                                                                                                   You regret.

You chose passion over education and couldn’t contain success?                                      You regret.

You made a wrong decision ?                                                                                                           You regret.

You pinched yourself in something new, and caught problems?                                        You regret.

You bumped into someone, unworthy?                                                                                        You regret.

You chose to wear an attire, which they said would provoke him, and got assaulted ?You regret.

You chose to wear your opinions over their’s ‘log kya kahenge?’                                       You regret.

You chose to be yourself over the melodramatic society?                                                      You regret.

Pause. Think.And now listen.

Did you ever know the consequences before choosing your choices?

Or did your stars warn you before all the mistakes you committed?

Or did your horoscope tell you not to pursue certain undertakings?


No. Right?

Then why regrets are often credited and your experiences are debited?

You never knew whether you were born for engineering or designing.

You never knew the man/woman you showered love upon, would wipe you out from their life.

You failed once but you never knew that success is a long way and demands hard work.

Conclusions and results were secondary, something you didn’t know, yet you tried and those trials would indicate your credibility .

Problems will make you tough and will influence the process of evolution.

first sight gave you the right impression and so you nodded ‘yes’ because bondings don’t approve foresightedness.

It wasn’t your clothes it was his provoking thoughts, society’s prejudices was his weapon, not your cleavage or hint of your thighs.

Probably you faced scars and they got words to harass you, but ‘logo ko nhi pata ‘ that scars means survival and enhancement of your strength.

Regretting for being yourself? Kidding me? 

Their notions are hypothetical but accumulation of your experiences isn’t, they are your reality.

It’s okay to fall and Fly.                                                                                                                         It’s okay to hurt and heal.                                                                                                                  It’s okay to fail and fulfill.                                                                                                                  It’s okay to cry and cackle.                                                                                                                     It’s okay to lapse and learn.                                                                                                               It’s okay to drown and develop.                                                                                                      It’s okay to screw-up and sort.                                                                                                              It’s okay to struggle and succeed.

It’s OKAY. Breathe.

Being a woman 

The hands that accord exalt, the feet that bestow heaven, the soul that grants contentment,
The womb that proffer birth, Today, at every stride is cursed.

Nights turned gloomy which bounded her from wandering,
Because on the streets, hunters were rambling to molest her for pleasuring.

Days gleamed with good humans, to instill positivism,
But Lamentably made her body the profanity of sensual-ism.

She steadily remained cautious for her inner belongings,
For there were homo sapiens who chased her for indulging.

The ones who cared have guarded and restricted her to dare,
Unaware that even she had desires to dream and accomplish to be rare.

Against her want she confined, restricted herself ,
For nobody heard her soul crying for help.

The evil teased her silence for she wasn’t uttering a word,
But then she realized only her voice could cease this curd.

Victims joined hands to anticipate the dirt embraced,
For the society never resisted her being raped, instead mislaid.

Thus, time taught her to stand for her scars, distress and affliction,                                 And today her defense is hard to challenge and exploit her feminism.



I was broken again, I poured my love though,                                                                              Yet i captured loneliness all through.

It was gloomy and no one heard me,                                                                                             Only my heart stood by me.

I didn’t laminate my faults,                                                                                                                 Instead began to learn from them.

They said,no one is perfect,                                                                                                                 But ironically searched for nothingness.          

I couldn’t understand what went wrong,                                                                                            Was it me or them who feared the flaws.

Shakespeare wrote about romeo and Juliet,                                                                              Unaware of the reality that mocked immortality.

They were immature and amateur in love,                                                                                      For they failed to differentiate it from lust.

I thought they were fond of my presence,                                                                                        But utility of my body busted the bubble.

To right my wrongs i chose me,                                                                                                               For they deceived me yet condemned me.

Facts would be meaningless if rumors were true,                                                                 Foolish they were who said i victimized love.

I slayed for my dearest ones, and i would always ,                                                                      But only if they knew I could die for them too.

Stop seeking for someone who is perfect,                                                                                        The real and faithful ones are valued for they are rare.